Salesfusion offers a complete and easy-to-use marketing automation solution that enables marketing teams to deliver effective marketing programs. 

Our platform includes all the features marketers need to create, manage, and analyze marketing tactics and campaigns -- including email & nurture marketing, lead scoring & management, website tracking & analytics, landing pages & forms, social media management, and marketing dashboards.

Attract - Drive inbound traffic and identify new prospects to pull into your funnel

Your inbound marketing strategy is just as important as your outbound campaigns. Many of today’s buyers start their journey with a Google search, a social search or a referral. This is where marketing automation can help you increase your reach and ability to pull new prospects into your funnel.
  • Website Tracking: Uncover key insights about who is visiting your website and why
  • Social: Manage your social presence across all your channels
  • SEO Audit: Help prospects find you by optimizing your search rankings
  • PPC & Adwords: Manage and track paid ad contribution on your pipeline 

Capture / Engage - Capture leads and nurture prospects into lifetime customers

Centralize your marketing efforts with a solution that allows you to create, execute and track all your efforts in one place. From capturing leads to building relationships, Salesfusion offers all the tools you need to engage with prospects throughout the lifecycle in an automated and personalized way.

  • Landing Pages and Lead Forms: Capture leads by leveraging custom web pages and forms
  • Campaign Management: Manage and execute multi-channel campaigns
  • Email Marketing: Create engaging email campaigns in responsive templates
  • Nurture Marketing: Build relationships with personalized and automated communications
  • Webinars and Events: Run in-person events and webinars in one platform
  • Surveys: Capture important insights with custom surveys

Prioritize - Streamline your lead management process to optimize sales outreach

Gone are the days of pushing every possible prospect to your sales team. Salesfusion will help you prioritize outreach around leads that are most likely ready to buy. By focusing on buyers with higher interest in your product or service, you don’t waste the sales team’s time and will improve conversion rates. And become more efficient by automatically routing leads to your CRM for sales follow up.

  • Lead Management: Streamline your lead management process and ensure no lead is left behind
  • Lead Scoring: Deliver actionable lead intelligence to your sales team

Convert - Surface actionable information to your sales team inside the CRM

Salesfusion integrates with your external CRM to help you increase efficiency in your existing lead management process. All marketing activities and lead intelligence data are automatically pushed into the CRM at the contact level. This gives sales full visibility into each contact’s engagement and interests improving the types of conversations sales has with each lead and their ability to convert them into customers.

  • CRM Integration: Align your marketing and sales teams with native CRM integration
  • Buyer’s Journey: Leverage buyer engagement data in both marketing and sales

Analyze / Retain - Measure your marketing effectiveness and improve customer retention

Salesfusion helps you demonstrate your impact on your company’s bottom line in two ways: your success acquiring new customers and your ability to retain them. You can create, manage and track all of your prospect and customer campaigns in the same platform. You can also leverage analytics to understand the impact of your entire customer lifecycle – the content buyers use before they buy and the content of interest to them afterwards. This can help you optimize your effectiveness across all audiences.

  • Reporting & ROI: Capture actionable insights into your marketing performance
  • Website Analytics: Evaluate key website metrics to improve performance
  • Customer Communications: Leverage automation to help retain customers

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