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LeadMaster All-in-One Customer Relationship Management solution was designed by sales and marketing professionals who understand the key ingredient to successful CRM is simplicity. 

This powerful cloud solution is designed to support all sales and marketing activities including marketing automation, lead, campaign and sales pipeline management. With easy-to-use workflow automation, website, and back office integration, you are sure to have all the tools you need to focus on your success.

Why LeadMaster
- LeadMaster's Lead Management CRM is different from most cloud-computing products on the market today in 3 significant ways.

1- Focus on productivity - No more than 2 clicks to all your information about prospects and customers. LeadMaster's unique user interface design was developed to work the same way that sales people do. For example, if you call a prospect and get voicemail it's just 2 clicks to make a note in the record that you left a message and schedule a call back for tomorrow. In other systems that can take a dozen mouse clicks.

2- Powerful yet easy - All your deal information is on one page. No going to this tab or that just to fnd out what the deal is. See all your deals by company or perhaps by product. Maybe you want to use our unique Forecast Update report to do make bulk changes to your pipeline and then just hit Go to update all at once - makes doing your sales forecast easy!

3- All-in-one solution - You don't need to buy several products to get a complete solution.

Includes Email Marketing
- The most cost effective method of reaching your potential audience is email marketing. Why have a CRM platform and a separate email marketing system when you can have them both in one - includes reporting on who opened and who clicked links in the emails. Also includes the ability to set triggers when someone opens an email or clicks on a link - you can get notifications, add them to a lead nurturing track and more.

Includes Lead Nurturing
- Just because they don't say yes today doesn't mean they won't say yes in the future. It is critical to nurture those leads and deals that turn out to be not yet sales ready. Using the Lead Nurturing feature you can put longer term leads onto any number of pre-arranged "tracks" and have the system keep them warm for you automatically. In the meantime you can be busy closing the deals that are ready!

Includes Business Intelligence Dashboards
- It seems so obvious but its surprising how many systems in the market don't do it. When you login what do you need to see? You need your Pipeline; New Leads; Forecast Sales; Sales Stage Summary and so on. LeadMaster gives you complete control over your own dashboard with drill down graphs and charts that update in real time. Each user gets their own customizable dashboard.

Includes Microsoft Outlook Sync
- Yes LeadMaster is a great system, but Microsoft Outlook is the de facto standard for email, calendar and contacts. With the LeadMaster Outlook Add-Ins you choose which system you use and when for email, calendar and contacts and we keep it all sync'd up in the background for you.

Includes Marketing Automation
- Use the Rules Engine to automate all those repetitive tasks that are necessary to keep your business running smoothly. OK - so you changed the Sales Status to "Call Back in 3 months" or "Email Brochure". Doesn't it make sense for the system to set the Call Back or send that brochure out via email automatically for you? Of course it does.

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