In a mature industry, the distinction between competing alternatives is often blurred. Customers have a huge volume of information about your products and the products of your competitors.

Customers and prospects also have tons of information provided by third party market research organizations. For this reason alone, organizations can’t afford to be behind in contributing their share of marketing content to the social media world.

Organizations cannot afford to be behind in contributing their share of marketing content to the social media world

Leveraging Reactionary & Pro-active Processes

The benefits of automated marketing, when handled correctly, are significant. With well calibrated collateral alignment, delivery, and scoring, sales and marketing organizations can build a highly effective reactionary process that can funnel a stream of self-qualified prospects for sales to bring on board. Leading enterprise sales organizations should all consider implementing a tightly structured automated marketing process.

These processes can be seen as great net casters that help channel responsive prospects into sales for engagement. They are designed to generate and track responses from a target audience. Only a small fraction of prospects will align their needs and make their decisions solely on content they receive via an automated process or review on a social media outlet. At some point in the process a sales person must engage to bring the prospect into full alignment with your solution and ultimately to a decision to do business with your company. In mature and highly competitive markets, the bulk of business will be attained via a consultative, strategic business development strategy that helps the customer through the decision making process.

Leading organizations must also have in place a pro-active engine of business development that begins the process of engagement. The pro-active engine should be structured to build rapport with the target account in an effort to gain insight into the customer’s needs, drivers, challenges and roadblocks. Sales consultants need to be seen as trusted advisors. The digitalization of marketing collateral and information is keeping customers well informed. What these technologies won’t do is engage new prospects consultatively to help them align their needs to your solutions.

Global Technology Sales Solutions (GTSS) developed and patented our DNA Demand Generation™ Process that enables marketing to develop business opportunities that help sales be successful. It is a customer- centric process that encourages customers to take the journey and align their needs to your solutions.





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