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It is Time to Remedy What is
Hampering Your Sales Team’s Success

B2B Sales Leaders all over the world are facing three challenges to their sales growth agenda, while their reps are not achieving their individual quotas:

  1. Not enough quality leads to provide adequate sales pipeline and coverage, as sales reps’ time spent on prospecting becomes increasingly unproductive
  2. Prospects are becoming ever harder to reach, as they no longer tolerate mass emails and generic cold calls
  3. Sales cycles are getting longer, as customers increasingly involve multiple internal decision makers

But perhaps this is your biggest problem: 

Your reps don’t have the time to learn social media best practices nor the 15+ hours each week to use them effectively. Yet, they need to become more sophisticated in their prospecting and prospect engagement. Yet, they need a constant stream of high-quality leads to achieve their quota.

So, what is the solution?

LinkedDNA is Your Reps’ Unfair Advantage

Your reps benefit from our LinkedIn best practice knowhow, without having to learn it themselves or needing to spend the massive amount of time to make it work for them.

  1. Your reps finally receive the high-quality leads they need to fill their sales pipeline and to provide sales coverage, freeing up their time to focus on closing more deals
  2. Prospects become easier to reach again, and even want to engage with your reps  
  3. Sales cycles are shortening again as multiple decision-makers in the same target account are being nurtured simultaneously.  

LinkedDNA is Your Powerful Revenue Accelerator

On average, you can expect 200 new connections and more than 10 appointments with your ideal new prospects, per rep, per month, every month.  

LinkedDNA keeps You Up to Date

With LinkedDNA, you are always kept up to date with a weekly progress dashboard and individual sales lead alerts to your reps’ desktop or smartphone.

LinkedDNA is the Secret Sauce
to Your Sales Success

Your advantage starts with your dedicated LinkedDNA consultant who does the heavy lifting on your behalf building your brand, and professionally generating leads and meetings with desired contacts in a valued way that establishes rapport and builds trust. 

20 man-years of experience and knowhow in LinkedIn, account-based marketing and lead generation went into the development of LinkedDNA, working with organizations in technology, healthcare, financial services, professional services, public sector and others.

LinkedDNA Delivers
More Time, More Leads, More $$$

LinkedDNA  is Unrivaled Effectiveness

 Expands Your Professional Network by 200+ new Connections each month

 Your reps receive 10+ new meetings with desired future customers each month 

  Raises your personal profile and brand as subject matter experts  

 Powered by sophisticated value-based customer engagement process 

 Lead by executive leadership with over 20 years industry experience & success 

 Ensures positive customer experience that translates to relationships  

LinkedDNA delivers Value

 Your reps assigned dedicated North American growth consultant

 Delivers higher caliber leads at a small fraction of the cost of traditional lead sources

 Enables revenue acceleration as your reps focus on sales engagements

 Amplifies marketing’s impact via each rep’s network

 Shortens sales cycles as multiple decision-makers engaged simultaneously

 Supports lead nurturing efforts with new connections

 Attain prospect data via manual extraction service

 Gain visibility via comprehensive dashboard powered reporting

LinkedDNA is Secure

 100% LinkedIn-compliant service with absolutely no automation

 No outsourcing & no offshoring

 Strictest data security policy and process

LinkedDNA Drives Sales Efficiency
by Freeing up Your Reps’ Time

Part of the LinkedDNA Secret Sauce lies in our 20-Step Process that adheres to LinkedIn guidelines.

If your Reps were to follow all 20 best practice steps outlined below, they’d be spending a whole lot more than just 10+ hours per week. We do the heavy lifting for your reps, saving your team a ton of time. Time your reps can spend on advancing their leads and closing more deals.

  1. Conduct a Marketing SWOT and Review Your Value Propositions 
  2. Define Your Ideal Customer Persona(s)
  3. Identify Your Target Accounts & Desired Customers
  4. Optimize Your LinkedIn Personal & Company Profiles
  5. Drafts of Messaging Templates:
  1. Your connection requests 
  2. Your post-connection follow ups
  3. Your personal & group timeline posts 
  4. Your group timeline posts 
  1. Draft Your Digital Content Usage Plan
  2. Draft & maintain LinkedIn Group strategy plan
  3. Draft & maintain Post-Connection Follow up plan
  4. Identify your ideal prospects with LinkedIn Navigator
  5. Deliver your daily connection requests
  6. Deliver your daily post-connection follow up messages
  7. Post on your personal LinkedIn timelines 2 to 3 times daily
  8. Post monthly to your LinkedIn Groups
  9. Follow up and engage all your timeline likes & responses 
  10. Respond to your LinkedIn prospect responses
  11. Grow your LinkedIn Group membership bi-month
  12. Manually extract your new connection data for your CRM.
  13. Refresh your Digital Content Usage guide each month 
  14. Refresh your Messaging Templates every month
  15. Prepare updated cumulative report and review progress weekly

What your LinkedDNA consultant does for you

Talk to a LinkedDNA consultant now

Talk to a LinkedDNA consultant now

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