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Most marketing generated leads go untouched and lost. Most marketing generated leads go untouched and lost. 

We know that Closed Loop Lead Management should be an integral part of every sales and marketing organization. 

We can drive the engagement on your marketing generated opportunities within your field sales and channels ensuring a far better engagement experience across your entire sales ecosystem including your customers. 

Our team has extensive experience in successfully driving a closed loop practice to ensure higher returns on your marketing investments. 

We effectively communicate your marketing generated opportunities to your field and channels, ensuring they are properly enabled with collateral and background details regarding the engagement. 

We maintain an active and valued supportive role with your field and channels ensuring a proper engagement with customers. 

Our Lead Driver team understands corporate etiquette and successfully provide a velvet-hammer approach to ensure timely follow ups
We become your single-neck to choke for gathering the revenue and pipeline results. 

We employ an industry-proven best practice approach to providing a closed loop environment to ensure all opportunities are effectively engaged and tracked. 

It is a combination of people, process and technology to ensure you maximize the potential of your marketing investments.







People are always the integral part of the closed loop process. 


We call these people Lead Drivers. Our Lead Drivers are industry professionals dedicated to producing bottom-line results. 


They are hired based on their demonstrated understanding of corporate etiquette, industry knowledge and communications savviness. 

Our Lead Driver team is dedicated to following opportunities from start to finish.

imgg2                  THE PROCESS       

The Lead Driver team engages with your sales and channel reps gathering the updates, insuring follow-up on the leads until they are closed. 

Utilizing a velvet hammer approach, Lead Drivers provide your sales teams with crucial information needed to nurture and develop the client relationship including: 
  • Competitive battle cards
  • Sales literature
  • Other informational collaterals
Lead Drivers support your reseller channels to guide the lead to a final win/loss outcome. 
We provide you robust reporting on your pipeline and revenue results.

imgg3              THE TECHNOLOGY       

No solid closed loop management process is possible without the aid of an effective Customer Relationship Management CRM solution.
GTSS can work seamlessly within your current CRM solution or ours to maintain a complete closed loop marketing processes.
Some clients choose to leverage our CRM solution as a supplement that extends to their channel, distributor and partner network.
Regardless of what CRM solution you choose, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you build and maintain best practice approach for closed loop CRM. 

imgg4         INBOUND CUSTOMER CARE    


Your current and future customers want the flexibility to engage you via phone, email, chat or social media. All in real-time! The best customer experience is made possible through our omni-channel approach that supports inquiry handling, escalation and resolution via multiple mediums of communication including phone, email, chat or social media. 

Every interaction with your customers and potential customers should be a positive customer experience and adhere to your cultural values. An inbound inquiry can easily translate into future gain or loss of business if not handled appropriately. 

The best customer experience is made possible through our omni-channel approach that supports inquiry handling, escalation and resolution via multiple mediums of communication including phone, email, chat or social media. 
Talk to one of our experienced consultants about how we can help improve your customer experience.




 Why should the misalignment between marketing and sales be of any concern?

Simply because it continues to be a major hinderance to revenue generation.

No matter what side of the fence you sit on the effects flow all the way up to shareholders.

Global Technology Sales Solutions is committed to bringing marketing into closer alignment with sales with our DNA Demand Generation™ service.

We partnered with Peter Strohkorb Consulting International because of their long success record of being able to help marketing and sales organizations come into closer alignment through building the lines of communication.

They have helped many customers including NEC, LinkedIn, Audi and many others.



What We Do For You       

Boost sales and marketing performance in your medium or large B2B business by improving your sales ecosystems and your sales culture.  We call this Smarketing®. 

Our clients tell us that we (depending on their size):
- accelerate their B2B sales revenue by 5-500% 
- give them visible results within just a few days or weeks- and typically return more than 10-times their investment in you.







We Work With...    

  • Senior Executive and Business Owners wanting higher sales performance and better marketing  without hiring more resources

  • Sales Leaders looking to  exceed sales quotas without disruption

  • Marketing Leaders wishing to be recognized for their contribution to success

  • HR Leaders interested in  attracting and retaining higher performing talent  and in fostering a collaborative business culture

  • IT and TechnologyLeaders desiring to  improve the business impact of CRM, Sales and Marketing technology

Our collaboration and productivity solutions can be delivered online to anywhere in the world to boost your sales results, marketing effectiveness and customer experience.


Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop

Could your sales results flourish, if only Sales and Marketing people worked better together?
In this 1-Day Masterclass, Sales, Marketing and other customer-facing teams will learn:

  • WHY is closer collaboration is the key to our success?

  • HOW could closer collaboration benefits our business, its people and its customers?

  • HOW we can communicate better and work together more effectively?

  • WHAT will closer collaboration look like for us?


Sales / Marketing Advisory    

Could your business benefit from independent expert advice and guidance?

Whether you need more high-quality leads, a more robust sales process, or better brand recognition, we have the experience, know-how and the contacts to support you and your business. We offer project, contract, personal and group-based engagements. 

Our fee of will be more than offset by the benefits that you reap when you implement our recommendations.  


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Optional Team/Group Sessions


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