Cost of Underqualified Leads

On the surface, the ROI for marketing campaigns can be a straight calculation of spending against tangible revenue generated. Marketers and budget funders must look beyond the surface to gather the true costs of our campaigns. That is, we must consider the costs inherent in processing leads and the costs to our sales organization to engage them. We must also account for the costs of labor and also the opportunity expenses involved in diverting sales resources away from other revenue generating activities.

What C-Suite Executives Want

Let’s face it, being a senior marketing executive and reporting results to a C-suite executive board is as fun as a root canal. Almost every Vice President of Marketing enters quarterly and annual reviews with a sense of unease. This discomfort lies in the limited ability to provide the kind of metrics most C-suite executives want to see…. the bottom line of sales revenue against the marketing spend.

Aligning with the Sales Organization

Plenty of analysis is done by marketing to understand what customers want and how they want it. Marketers strive to make the products and services they promote be viewed by prospective customers as needed or desired. They do this in part by researching what customer’s need and want. In reality marketing has two key customers; the end users that consume their products and services, and their own field sales reps that consume the opportunities marketing generates. Therefore, an effort must be made by marketing to understand not only the needs of their end user, but also the needs of their internal customer, the sales department.

What It Does and Doesn’t Do

Most enterprise companies have developed some level of comfort with automating marketing processes and have embraced the benefits of social media to help drive demand. Both vehicles help keep your customers informed and the market aware of your brand, making it easy for customers to engage when they desire. For SMB firms, social media and automated marketing provide economically-advantageous and viable methods to grow a customer base.

What these great vehicles won’t do is bring the bulk of your prospective enterprise customers to the table. Some will come around. However, when gauged against customer attrition, relying on customers to make that journey to your solution on their own is a losing proposition.



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