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Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics and solutions have been around for some time. We help our clients leverage the power of these great data tools. As artificial intelligence (AI) begins to gain a foothold in our industry, the factors of competitive edge will be further differentiating between those in the know and those that simple come to the game too late.
That is why Global Technology Sales Solutions is focused on making sure our clients gain access to the right technologies and cut through the hype of a myriad of vendors.
Our team of experts will work with you to help determine the right technologies for your needs.
We provide several key solution areas including: 



Accurate business intelligence is critical to help guide decisions and to gain a competitive advantage. Marketing professionals will agree that finding a good database of prospects is one of the hardest components of a marketing campaign and can have a dramatic effect on success.

Accurate business intelligence is critical to help guide decisions and to gain a competitive advantage. 

Our consultants will guide you with the right process and technologies to build a powerful customer intelligence knowledgebase. Through a multi-pronged approach, we capture every bit of information gathered on a target customer in a format that can be indexed, and data mined. 


Let us help you source the right 3rd party list vendor to meet your needs. 

We can help you negotiate a better rate and value because of our extensive knowledge of this industry. 

Cut through the hype to identify the best quality source possible including analytics-backed list development that enriches and validates current customer data with supplemental business intelligence.


 Let us help you identify your optimal addressable market. Market disruptions from acquisitions, mergers, break-ups and technological innovations, constantly change the competitive landscape. That means your customer segmentation and prioritization will constantly need calibration.  

Through various database and marketing intelligence analysis techniques, we can help enhance segmentation and prioritization for optimal revenue generation. 

We will help you identify who your key target accounts for penetration (TAP) are and focus your business development efforts to maximize revenue yield.


Building and maintaining an accurate profile on your key accounts should be a constant and on-going effort as your customer’s situation is dynamic and fluid. Time quickly erodes the accuracy and usefulness of any static profile built at any time.

We use a multi-thread approach that collects and aggregates real-time business intelligence from various sources including business intelligence vendors that leverage advanced Hadoop and web crawler technologies.

We provide the dynamic framework and platform to collect and aggregate in a meaningful way, data intelligence from various sources. These sources can include list acquisitions, BI & AI sources, and direct customer engagements via automated marketing systems and CRM to build and maintain a robust profile of your target accounts.

As artificial intelligence (AI) begins to advance and make its impact on our industry, we will be there to help our clients leverage the competitive advantages this technology will provide. 

By maintaining an accurate profile on your accounts, you we be able to calibrate your marketing and business development efforts to increase your revenue impact. 


Marketers all know that starting with a quality list will make the difference between success or failure in any campaign. If lists are outdated, full of duplicates and other issues it can cause even the best laid out business development campaign to fail. 

Our expert team can help clean your lists and optimize them for your next marketing campaign. We leverage a wide range of technologies and techniques to cleanse and optimize a list for your next marketing campaign.

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