Closed Loop Lead Management
Closed Loop Lead Management provides feedback to the marketing team regarding provided leads and should be an integral part of every sales and marketing organization. Most sales teams are focused on closing sales in the near-term and therefore miss 75% of sales leads that would close in the long-term.

We employ an industry-proven best practice approach to providing a closed loop environment to ensure all opportunities are effectively engaged and tracked. It is a combination of people, process and technology to ensure you maximize the potential of your marketing investments.

The People

People should always be an integral part of the closed loop process. We call these people Lead Drivers. Our Lead Drivers are industry professionals dedicated to producing bottom line results. They are hired based on their demonstrated understanding of corporate etiquette, industry knowledge and communications savviness. Our Lead Driver team is dedicated to following opportunities from start to finish.

The Process

The Lead Driver team engages with your sales and channel reps gathering the updates, insuring follow-up on the leads until they are closed.

Utilizing a velvet hammer approach, Lead Drivers provide your sales teams with crucial information needed to nurture and develop the client relationship including:

  • Competitive battle cards
  • Sales literature
  • Other informational collaterals

Lead Drivers support your reseller channels to guide the lead to a final win/loss outcome.

The Technology

The GTSS difference is the seamless integration of our CRM solution and closed loop marketing processes with your internal CRM process. The system tracks the leads to help ensure that the leads generated by the campaign are contacted on a timely basis.

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