Business Intelligence Backed Database Services
Accurate business intelligence is critical to help guide decisions and to gain a competitive advantage.

Marketing professionals will agree that finding a good database of prospects is one of the hardest components of a marketing campaign and can have a dramatic effect on success.

This is why Global Technology Sales Solutions is focused on helping customers build a powerful customer intelligence knowledgebase.

We provide a number of key solution areas to support this goal including:

Customer Intelligence Knowledge Data Mart Development

Our consultants guide you with the right process and technology to build a powerful customer intelligence knowledgebase. Through a multi-pronged approach we capture every bit of information gathered on a target customer in a format that can be indexed and data mined. 

List Acquisition Services

Let us help you source the right 3rd party list vendor to meet your needs.

BI Analytics Backed List Development

Enrich and validate current customer data with supplemental business intelligence.

Customer & Market Segmentation, Prioritization and Analysis

Let us help you identify your optimal addressable market.

Account Profiling

We use a multi-thread approach including list acquisition, BI database enrichment and direct customer engagements to build a robust profile of your target accounts.

Data Cleansing, Suppression, Migration and Optimization Services

Let our expert team help you clean your lists and optimize them for your next marketing campaign.

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